Friday, June 13, 2008

The Latest

Suzanne and I have been training quite a bit over the last few weeks. Both of us completed the 100 mile Elephant Rock Century both in good time. What a crazy ride! Several crashes, lots of wind and threatening weather in the morning, and then lots of sunshine and a tailwind in the afternoon. I grabbed a slipstream with two other guys after Palmer Lake and we cooked on the downhill! Well over 40 miles an hour in some stretches.. Very, very fast.. Tomorrow is the Sunrise Century in Boulder. This is Suzanne and I's last 100 mile century before the Triple Bypass on July 12. We are hoping to achieve some more fitness, get some hill work in and enjoy the scenery as we climb out of Boulder to Nederland and descend back to Boulder..

Ed, Chip and I had a memorable weekday MTB ride at Deer Creek. The climbing isnt especially fun, as it is pretty steep and technical in sections, but the singletrack up top and the fast descent back to the parking lot certainly padded the fun factor.

Deer Creek Canyon: Photo Courtesy of Denver Trail Runners

My first 14ers climb will come next Friday as I will take the day off from work to climb. JP Houser will be joining me along with my lab Jeter who is really anxious to get out..

Jeter on his way down from the summit of Mt. Sherman, Spring 2007

I haven't started political blogging yet, as I want to see McCain and Obama really draw the lines in the sand as to where they stand on the issues.. I can tell you that McCain is a little bit more in line with what I believe in. I will certainly listen to Barack Obama as he seems to be a very smart, articulate man. I just dont agree with his position on Iraq, nor do I agree with his stance on raising taxes and doing away with the Bush tax cuts. More later.

My Yankees are starting to play a bit and sit 6 games behind the Sox in the AL East. My Mets continue to disappoint, 7.5 games back of the Phillies.

5 weeks until Europe.. Paris, the Tour de France and then a week and a half in Positano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast. I am starting to get very excited. Team Slipstream will certainly represent Colorado and the United States very well as I expect them to challenging for stage wins and some of the coveted jerseys.. We will be on L' Alpe D' Huez for Stage 17.

See You Soon.